This is just a small site dedicated to the little girls and women who appeared in the series Our Gang/The Little Rascals.



Updates and News

August 21, 2014: Three weeks ago I visited the Hollywood Museum for the Hal Roach exhibition. Here are some pictures that I wanted to share.

The picture above is a bed spread that the members of Our Gang made with teacher Fern Carter mother of Ivadell Carter. The bed spread has their signatures embroidered.

Above Jannie Hoskins and Farina Allen Hoskins.

July 29, 2014: I have added the sweet grandma Margaret Mann. Also I added Lavonne Battle, Cecelia Murray and Pleurisy. In addition some pictures on some of the other Our Gang Ladies. Many thanks to my friend ALthePal99 for the pictures and info.

May 17, 2014: It came to my attention that our beloved Jackie Lynn Taylor passed away on May 5 at the age of 88. She will be truly missed and always have a special place in our heart as little rascal.

December 22, 2013: Made a couple of changes to site. There is still more to come so stay tuned.


May 14, 2013: Added four Our Gang Ladies Rosina Lawrence, Crane Twins and Barbara Goodrich.


April 25, 2013:  Sorry for the late update. Just added six Our Gang Ladies including June Marlowe. More to come.


February 6, 2013: Added four new Our Gang Ladies including Olive Brasno. More to come and coming soon June Marlowe and Rosina Lawrence the beloved Our Gang Teachers.


January 31, 2013: Added six new Our Gang Ladies and more to come.


January 22, 2013 :  Added a new Our Gang Lady Betsy Ann Hisle and a picture to Betty Jane Beard. More coming soon.


December 5, 2012: Sadly to announce Peggy Ahearn passed away on October 24. Peggy was 95.

Added another one more Our Gang lady Doris Oelze.


August 8, 2012: Added a picture for Lassie Lou Ahearn


August 6, 2012 : Added new pictures for Peggy Ahearn, Peggy Eames, Carlena Beard, Eileen Bernstein and Janet Burston.More to come so stay tune. Many thanks to Alan Jacobs. http://vaiden.net/rascals


July 1, 2011 : On June 26 we lost another our gang lady and great actress Edith Fellows. Edith was 88 years old.


June 23, 2011 : Added one more Our Gang Lady Katherine Marshall Oliver.


June 1, 2011 : Added two more Our Gang Ladies: Jackie Horner and Juanita Quigley.









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